The Scheme – aptly named due to their constant need to always have the next big plan.


Smartly defining a name for themselves on the international music scene as ‘the band to watch’. Their distinct voices, arrangements, musicianship and talent for writing bloody good songs, are the reason why their first track notched up over 400,000 hits on youtube; and that was before their publicity machine even kicked into gear! Their loyal fans, dubbed ‘the schemers’, are clearly making sure that their band get the exposure they truly deserve.

The Scheme cut an awesome image, with a sound and talent strong enough to make them as good as they look. The band have even generated impressive brand attention from the likes of Lacoste Footwear, Ratchet Clothing, Smiley Clothing, Luke Roper, Withings, Gibson Guitars, Converse and Gap - all of whom have either shown the band support and/or gifted them. For a band set to release their debut EP later this year, things don’t get better than this!

Meet the band - Kris James (Vocals), Kyle Carpenter (Vocals/Keys) & Aleksey Lopez (Guitar/Vocals).